Written by: The Foam Factory

The trio of authors created a book that provides an in-depth overview on polyurethane shape memory polymer research. With its common use in everyday household items such as outdoor furniture cushions, mattresses, and couch backs, there’s more to the foam than meets the eye.

Over the last 25 years, shape memory polymers have become some of the most intriguing and valuable engineering materials developed. They have demonstrated remarkable versatility and adaptation, and according to the authors, “are enabling technologists to develop applications used to explore everything from the outer reaches of space to the inside of the human body.”

Polyurethane Shape Memory Polymers is a must-have reference for anyone that’s in the materials engineering field as it vividly outlines all the unique properties that make shape memory polymers so prevalent in today’s biomedicine, textiles, and aerospace industries. Furthermore, it’s intended to help readers understand exactly how the composites work and how they can be specifically used – whether it’s in a foam cushion or used for fabrication purposes.

The authors cover a wide range of subjects about shape memory polymers along with their composites. One of the most invaluable features of this book is that it introduces the reader to numerous ideas about applications. All in all, it’s an absolutely interesting and riveting read that will touch bases on everything that you’ll need to know regarding SMP. So, the next time you’re sitting on your go-to couch seat cushions, give this book a chance and you’ll discover that there’s absolutely more going on than what you believe.

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