Written by: Montecar

Jordan, a safe haven in a region of conflict, has welcomed visitors with its warm hospitality, scenic landscapes, and rich history for many years. For anyone with limited knowledge about Jordan and the realities of traveling through it, “Lonely Planet Jordan (Travel Guide)” by Jenny Walker is both educational and insightful.

For tourists traveling to a new country, figuring out the best way to navigate the area usually proves to be quite challenging. Lonely Planet mentions that a cheap rental car in Amman Jordan is likely the best way to get around the city, as it offers travelers more flexibility than the more costly option of seeking out a dedicated chauffeur during your stay.

The guide goes on to detail how those hoping to rent a car need not worry about an “international driver’s license,” as you only need a valid driver’s license from your home country to rent a vehicle unless you seek out a car hire in Jordan.

The guide explains that driving in Jordan is not particularly difficult and that drivers tend to be polite. However, “Lonely Planet Jordan” warns those interested in using a car rental in Amman about heavy traffic, unexpected detours, and the lack of signs in some parts of the city. Informational reviews like this are found throughout the travel guide, and while the book was published in 2015, it is still an accurate and reliable resource.

Lonely Planet has managed to successfully create a small and portable travel companion filled with detailed maps, noteworthy destinations you won’t want to miss, and relevant information about the culture, which helps readers get the most out of their visits with confidence and ease.

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