A Guide to Inner and Outer Beauty: Book Review of Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin by Elizabeth TenHouten

Released in 2009, Elizabeth TenHouten’s, ‘Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin’, is likely the first cookbook centered specifically on antioxidant-rich recipes. As evidenced by its title, Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin takes a unique approach to both food and personal well-being, combining delicious recipes with natural beauty secrets, as seen in its focus on antioxidant-rich dishes. For those unfamiliar with the science that drives the book’s recipes, antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E contribute to skin repair by reducing inflammation and increasing collagen production.

These ingredients are found in dishes such as Antioxidant Salmon, which is one of the many entrees, salads, and snacks featured in this book.

Throughout the book, Elizabeth’s distinctive voice and passion for health and wellness shine through. She writes not just about the food but also about self-love and inner beauty, promoting a holistic approach to health and beauty. She also introduces meditation exercises to promote relaxation and well-being. Elizabeth’s focus on mind-body connection in a cookbook will be a pleasant surprise for people who prefer a holistic approach rather than a purely medical approach to wellness.

The book’s recipes are easy to follow, and it is clear that ingredients have been carefully selected to boost readers’ health and appearance. Outside of the recipes, Elizabeth also provides tips for integrating antioxidants into diets, along with beauty treatments readers can do from the comfort of their homes. She emphasizes that a person’s skin condition and energy levels are contingent on their body’s health, which means that meals should be designed for inner health, outer beauty, and the tastebuds/stomach. This book’s coverage of all of these topics makes it more than just a simple cookbook. It also functions as a lifestyle guide for people who want to look and feel great on the inside and out. 

Elizabeth has a wealth of knowledge about this topic, as she is also the author of the book, ‘Natural Beauty: Homemade Recipes for Radiant Skin & Hair’. In that book, she gives natural remedies for better skin, including remedies for acne, stretch marks, and cellulite. She is also a former model and skincare expert who has served as a contributing beauty expert for publications such as Discover Beauty, JustBloom.com, Dr. Oz’s ‘Share Care’, and The Beverly Hills Times Magazine, where she wrote the monthly column titled “Natural Beauty.” She has also served as the editor-In-Chief of the magazine Celeb Life Magazine. Impressively, Elizabeth is also a musician and poet who recently published the poetry collection, ‘The Stars Fell Into the Ocean’.

Both her varied projects and her advice in this book position Elizabeth TenHouten as an inspiring figure with valuable insights on both beauty and skincare. Elizabeth’s comprehensive guide on food, health, and beauty will be ideal for any reader with an interest in eating nutritious meals and looking their best before a big event. Her holistic approach can also help readers create dietary and self-care habits that promote a lifestyle that leads to both inner health and outer beauty. Anyone who wants glowing, radiant skin should add this collection of recipes and advice to their home library.