When most people think of wicker furniture sets, they automatically think of them as a perfect compliment for a sunroom or an outdoor patio. But, Mary Whitesides’ ultimate guide of wicker gorgeously illustrates the versatility of the material’s decorating possibilities.

If you’re looking to combine the rustic look of a wicker sofa to match the interior of your household, Whitesides has you covered. Her extensive experience in interior home design and furnishings will open your eyes on all the imaginative possibilities that you can bring to life in your household – it starts with a “can do” attitude.

From Victorian styles, to the Art Deco style, to contemporary, Whitesides covers it all – with 140 beautiful full-color photographs of furniture and settings. You’ll discover how gorgeous wicker can truly be in its natural state.

Notably speaking, this is a comprehensive book on wicker – it’s a Wicker Paradise, so to speak. Throughout the book, you’ll discover how wicker is made, how to differentiate one style from another, and how to restore and maintain your own wicker furniture. Furthermore, Whitesides showcases how you can decorate with wicker, so you can combine your creative ideas with her samples to construct a multitude of styles that can be casual, formal, vintage, or modern.

Maybe you’re considering adding a Treasure Garden Umbrella to match that gorgeous Art Deco wicker sofa you have on your patio. With Whitesides’ complete resource directory of national and international companies, you’ll have all the information that you need at your fingertips to find a company that best suits your needs.

The vast amount of research and effort that Whitesides has put into this guide speaks wonders about her talent as both an interior designer and decorator. With her help, you too can create a wicker wonderland that you’ve dreamed of having for so long.