Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

When the memory foam mattress was conceived back in the early 70’s for use by astronauts to help them deal with the massive amounts of G-forces they would encounter during both liftoff and re-entry, it wasn’t meant for household use. But, after this project would fail in the 1980s, people discovered that it could pose as a sleeping alternative.

Author Keith Barry discusses how this product was launched and the revolutionary waves of popularity that followed after. Similar to high density foam sheets, memory foam is comprised of a different type of manufacturing method and feel.

Its launch in the early 1990’s was met initially with a warm and cold reception. What made matters worse is proving to the public that it can actually provide health benefits to the body as well. Similar to the soft launch of closed cell foam in Canada, there was immediate skepticism. How could a product encase the body and assists in one’s sleeping pattern? Initially, the public didn’t take much notice of it because of the high costs and also the difficulties in manufacturing memory foam obviously didn’t help its cause either.

However, in the following years, companies were able to develop it at a lower production cost and mass produce them, like packaging foam in Canada. This ebook provides useful tips on the advantages of a memory foam mattress, facts about memory foam mattresses, and the benefits that it can provide to you and your family. It’s a fantastic read that’s filled with information that you may not even know about memory foam.