Written by: Gelato Products

In The Art of Making Gelato, chef and gelato aficionado Morgan Morano invites you to impress your guests with the bold and colorful flavors of gelato and sorbetto. A you might have guessed, this is a cookbook that’s filled with Morano’s love for gelato with beautifully illustrated and detailed recipes that is sure to create a buzz in your household.

If you’ve gone the route of scouring the Internet for gelato recipes only to come out empty-handed and underwhelmed, pick up The Art of Making Gelato today. Chef Morano incorporates her own unique twist on turning your basic Los Angeles frozen yogurt supplies into an impressive silky and soft gelato masterpiece.

Many online recipes focus on showcasing your gelato with custom ice cream cups to give them that aesthetic ‘pizzazz’. But, appearance isn’t everything. Gelato isn’t ice cream, and it should taste nothing close to ice cream.

Chef Morano stresses the simplicity of these recipes and she’s right on point. All of her recipes are easy to follow and nothing short of delicious – and, they don’t require fancy Gelato Products either. Her recipes are super-fresh and light, as opposed to overly rich and heavy. The range of flavors is excellent and unbelievably fantastic – you can tell Morano lives up to her gelato aficionado title.

Furthermore, as you continue to read through her recipes, you get a solid idea of where she’s going with her recipes. She doesn’t focus on trendy or chunky flavors that require the accenting of aesthetically pleasing gelato cups and spoons. Her main focus is flavor – nothing more, nothing less. Each unique recipe has its own intense flavor and texture that hold up beautifully.