There is a book in the works called “The European Game”, to be published summer 2017.

Review provided by Soccer Tips 888.

It will introduce people to the components of the soccer game that work (sometimes seamlessly) to produce on-field results. What exactly does a manager do day-to-day? How vital is performance analysis for success? Has globalization merged development techniques into one? There are hundreds of likewise questions that need answering as soccer wages a war between old and new.

And why? What is the purpose of the book? There is a massive thirst for knowledge about the inner workings of the game at present. Soccer can be a shadowy industry that clutches on to the golden value of information. Such information is acquired by men at the very top of the game and, to the detriment of grassroots soccer, it stays at the top. It is therefore beneficial for the entire game that the ingenuity accumulated, developed and mastered at an elite level is shared with those at soccer’s foundation.

What readers will receive is an understanding of methods used by a range of employees; from physios to directors. The book will look at leadership, coaching styles, talent production, style of play philosophies and cultural demands. The methodology for data gathering will entail visiting the very best soccer clubs in Europe who have a rich history of pioneering: Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German clubs (without naming names of course). From this we can examine the sociological demands of an environment and whether these methods are adaptable.

A byproduct from this will be an appreciation of our beloved game in its modern capacity, a celebration of its workings and an understanding of how to apply elite methods at any level.