Written by: The Foam Factory

In Sonnenschein’s Polyurethanes, you’ll explore one of the most versatile polymer materials currently available on the market today – polyurethanes. With a unique chemical nature that allows it to mold to all sorts of commercial and industrial products such as seat cushions, coatings, carpets, and others, you’ll come out of this book with a much more achieved appreciation for the polymer family.

Aside from acting as a cushion filling, polyurethane has a much more expanded use that spans from the aero science field all the way to the biomedicine industry. The book’s continuity and flow allows the reader to discover the background information necessary to get a firm grasp on the basics and mechanics of polymer production.

The author does a fantastic job covering almost every aspect of polyurethane. For those that have experience dealing with polyurethane materials or for students that want to learn more beyond what the ordinary textbook delves into, Polyurethanes is for you. As an added bonus, experienced researchers that believe they knew the whole picture of this field have even went on to say that they’ve picked up lots of helpful information – which says a lot, especially with the overflow of PU resources available for free online.

Whether you’re looking to understand the depths of what your replacement cushions are made up of or want an in-depth summary of the current state of polyurethane research, pick this book up and give it a read. And, it not only covers the applications, manufacturing, and market for polyurethanes, but it provides insight into governmental regulations, industrial routes to environmental, health, and safety risk mitigation, and non-isocyanate routes to various polyurethane structures.