Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert offers his latest comical insight into American faith, politics and culture. Colbert satirizes everyone from the liberal media to environmentalist groups, and leaves no haughty or prideful position unturned.

Colbert is most famous for his television show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report. His characterization of an opinionated and somewhat un-intelligent right-wing commentator continues in “I Am America”. It provides a hilarious take on the talking heads American citizens are bombarded with every day in political media.

Those who religiously follow Colbert’s show on TV appreciate his genius and creative ability to make anyone admit their own idiocy. No group is safe from Colbert’s jabs. Colbert even turns on his own character. “Make no mistake,” he starts, “My book isn’t a monologue; it’s a dialogue–a dialogue between me and my opinions, and you’ve been welcomed to eavesdrop on us.”

Critics of the book find the humor repetitive, and Colbert’s wit enjoyable for an hour television program, but difficult to translate into written prose. Most critics are fans of Colbert’s television show, but couldn’t bear the burden of his musings in print. Readers also caution the Kindle version of this book, which is insufficiently optimized with the placement of tables, pictures and graphs for the full effect.

Some say that an audio version of the book would better capture the spirit of the loveable Stephen Colbert, and most feel it is fine just the way it is. Ultimately, the book reveals the idiosyncrasies of a self-righteous nation, in an incredibly funny way.

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