Contract disputes within the construction industry have changed dramatically over the last decades. This has led to the use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation to cut costs and reduce the overall amount of time it takes for such dispute to be resolved. This book not only identifies the emerging practices of construction mediation, but it also provides solutions to the many legal challenges that they pose.

The author discusses how construction is one of the major industries utilizing the method of mediation. Certain countries such as the UK, US, China, and Australia are popularizing this resolution method due to its effectiveness. The author then goes on to discuss how impactful the role of international governments play when utilizing mediation – as opposed to relying on a construction expert witness in court via litigation.

With so many unique construction advisory services out there, it’s actually not too difficult to find a mediator that’s willing to take on your case. The author expresses the significant changes to the legal environment in which the international construction industry conducts it business. Questions of clause validity come into play as it plays an enormous role in the construction industry. The weaker the contract, the more likely a dispute will be created.

This book doesn’t provoke you to seek out one of the many construction turnaround services to handle your case. Rather, it presents an international collection of reviews by various experts and also provides a comparative commentary on the overall practice of construction mediation and the legal issues holding it back.