Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy by Will White

Will White’s Stories from the Field dives into the extensive history of wilderness therapy and the dynamic nature of the field by incorporating a strong historical context of its rapidly growing popularity along with integrating personal narratives. It’s undoubtedly an engaging read that presents a balanced view of the program – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

After reading through a good portion of the book, one can tell Dr. White has undergone extensive measures to obtain his research. Furthermore, he details why these programs are so relevant in today’s society – as opposed to other troubled teenagers programs.

While it may resonate more with folks that are familiar with the field, it also serves as an essential read for academic purposes as well. The combination of history and story telling serves for a one-two punch that engages the reader and keeps them asking questions throughout.

Families that are looking into sending their child to a boot camp for teenagers may think twice after reading Dr. White’s perspective on wilderness therapy. The natural healing energy combined with the induced leadership qualities one must portray to survive signifies an alternate form of therapeutic measures imposed by our earth.

This book is filled with facts, not unsubstantiated opinions thrown in from various establishments. It isn’t an endorsement from various boarding schools for troubled boys or a collection of marketing pitches. It’s a guide that helps the reader understand the true nature of wilderness therapy and showcases the positives and the negatives – without any bias.