Writing books that document the struggles, losses and victories of teams and individual stars are commonplace but this is Evander Holyfield we’re talking about.

The guy who got his ear bitten off by the man otherwise known as Mike Tyson – one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport.

But during both their matchups, Holyfield knew what he was doing throughout and this was probably the reason why Tyson lost his belt – and in the process, his reputation as one of the most feared boxers the sport will ever see.

Of course, the threats which involved Tyson eating Holyfield’s children didn’t pan out as they recently ‘kissed and made up’ on Oprah.

Not everyone beats Tyson and lives to tell the story, and probably which is why this book is worth a read.

Now Who’s the “Baddest Man on Earth”?

Being Evander Holyfield has been rough. Having to prove himself to a number of naysayers throughout his career but his own personal life has brought him challenges ever since he was a boy – being raised in poverty.

(Of course, that isn’t to say that Tyson has been raised with a ‘silver spoon’ in his mouth, and which makes his story just as inspiring!)

Yet no matter how incredible the odds have been, in the toughest sport on the planet, the fact that Holyfield has been a four time heavyweight boxing champion is a true reflection of his courage.

The book, not surprisingly, covers the events surrounding his two bouts with Mike Tyson, the man who called himself the ‘Baddest Man on Earth’. Oh yes, the ear-biting incident is also mentioned…

And how could he not? It happened only in front of millions who tuned in to watch the match from around the world. Of course, he also recounts how it felt in being crowned the undisputed boxing champion in the process.

Yet if you noticed the way in which he did win, it clearly revealed that he made an effort to not brag or show off (like most boxers did) when they won.

With that said, there’s a sense of honesty that is apparent to all when they read this book, especially since he’s struggled with monogamy and has fathered a number of children as a result.

Apart from these incidents, he also talks about heartbreak in not winning the Olympic gold medal, thanks to a controversial decision. He also reveals his side of the story when it came to a misdiagnosed heart problem which caused him to retire prematurely.

And since the book wishes to reveal Evander Holyfield and the story from his side, there’s a quote from the book that pretty much sums it up, “But it’s not because I’m such a saintly guy — Lord knows I’m not — it’s just how I was brought up. I was taught to behave that way, and near as I’m able to figure, it was because of three things: my mama, a boxing coach named Carter Morgan, and old-fashioned southern racism.”

That’s the part of Holyfield that we can all probably relate to the most…

In Closing

If you love boxing, it’s definitely worth a read. Yes, even if you still maintain that Tyson was more exciting…

After all, Holyfield is not only an individual whose popularity spans continents but at the end of his all, an inspiration to every person who wants to be the best they can be.