Written by: Start Pac

Dale Crane, an airframe and powerplant mechanic, commercial pilot, and flight instructor, created the Aviation Mechanic Handbook to provide aircraft owners, mechanics, and pilots with all the critical information needed to properly maintain an aircraft. Having been in the aviation industry for 50 years, Crane has taken his knowledge and compiled it into one of most useful guides regarding aviation maintenance.

A core reference handbook, you’ll find that it compiles specifications from a variety of reference books as well as government publications to fit into one handy reference guide.

Aviation Mechanic Handbook is revised to reflect the current specifications of an aircraft to ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest mechanics – everything from turbine starting maintenance to oxygen-system servicing. Furthermore, the handbook also lists the most frequently used scales, measurements, charts, and diagrams in an easy-to-read layout.

Some of the topics include metal fabrication, nondestructive inspection, portable power provisionary measurements, control systems, and corrosion control. It’s designed for the mechanic on-duty and is published so one can bring it along and refer to it if the situation demands.

This new edition also features additional information on the latest techniques being utilized in the industry, such as composite materials, aircraft batteries, and portable power pack models. Needless to say, the Aviation Mechanic Handbook is a handy reference guide that makes it a convenient and safe on-the-job reference book that covers nearly every topic that today’s mechanic requires to ensure that the maintenance procedure is completed in an orderly and efficient manner.