The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book: Rules, Techniques, and More About Your Favorite Sport! (Everything Kids Series) by Deborah W. Crisfield

Written by: Soccer Garage

In The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book, you’ll learn all the tips and strategies that you need to improve your soccer game. A great startup resource for kids that are interested in picking up the sport, Coach Crisfield breaks down each aspect of the game in an easy-to-read guide that caters to all ages.

If you’re planning to buy the newest soccer cleats for kids thinking it’s going to revolutionize his or her game, think again. There’s more to the game fancy apparel signed by the league’s most prestigious players. You’ll need to understand the fundamentals of the game, techniques and tactics on dribbling, trapping, and heading the ball, how to be a leader and covet teamwork, and most importantly understand the rules of the game.

Coach Crisfield covers all of these aspects from dribbling drills to passing and shooting strategies. Learning to play as a goalkeeper but curious to know what type of kids goalkeeper gloves are worth the money? Dig in to The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book to find out how you can maximize your soccer apparel investment.

If you’re looking to improve your child’s game, know that it doesn’t lie with the most expensive Adidas youth soccer cleats. Rather, it’s based solely on understanding the game and creating new opportunities for growth. Coach Crisfield outlines all of these ways in her book so you can assist your child in becoming the best soccer player that he or she can be on the field.