Pit Bulls: The Battle over an American Icon – Bronwen Dickey

The controversial history of bully pitbulls throughout the years has scared thousands of owners into adopting them. Bronwen Dickey aims to clear this up in her New York Times Bestseller Pit Bulls: The Battle over an American Icon.

After reading this, it goes without saying that it is extremely well researched. Dickey places a concerted effort into delving into the history of the breed, the reputation of the breed, and the modern twist that’s causing pitbull puppies for sale signs to pop up left and right. If you’re looking to find an extremely clear profile about pitbulls and their brutal past, pick this book up.

On a side note, Dickey also mesmerizes her readers by diving into the psyche of human nature. For instance, with all the major scientific research papers delving into the history of the breed, one can come away with knowing that because science backs it up, it must be true. On the other hand, Dickey explains that there is a fine line between reality and hysteria, so to speak. Why are we so prone to buying into hysteria when we can use common sense? You can say Dickey discusses just as much about the psychiatric nature of human beings as she does pit bulls. But, they seem to find a common ground and a mutual respect for one another.

It’s an undeniable work of literature and a true non-fiction book. It’s backed with tons of interviews, research, and themes that debunk most of the issues surrounding pitbulls today. Dickey spends a fair share of her time voicing her opinions on both sides of the pitbull debate, so it’s not like you’ll be reading a biased rant the entire time. After finishing it, you might even be tempted to go pick up one of these adorable pitbull dog puppies for sale at your local pet store.