Money Games – Debt Freedom: The Fun Way to Get Out of Debt and Reach Your Money Goals

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I am thrilled to write a review about the book “Money Games” by Heidi Ifland Nash. As someone who has utilized many of Heidi’s charts to track my own savings progress, I can confidently say that this book offers an incredible wealth of resources. The variety of tracking variations and instructions provided is outstanding! Additionally, the book offers valuable tips and tricks to help you achieve your financial goals faster. I firmly believe that visual aids are powerful tools in reaching our objectives, and “Money Games” is sure to inspire you on your journey towards financial freedom.

Jessi Fearon, the author of “Getting Good with Money,” also praises Heidi’s work, emphasizing the effectiveness of the charts in achieving financial progress. Personally using Debt Free Charts for over four years, Jessi wholeheartedly recommends them to her audience and clients. The fact that Heidi’s dedication to helping people achieve their goals is now compiled in an even more accessible and helpful format is truly delightful.

The book’s back cover highlights the common challenges many of us face, such as feeling overwhelmed by debt, struggling to save money, and lacking motivation and focus on our financial goals. However, the solution is elegantly simple, and it lies within the pages of this book.

“Money Games – Debt Freedom” equips you with the tools to pay off debt and save money more efficiently and easily. By visualizing your progress, you will stay motivated and break free from the vicious paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. This book allows you to enjoy managing your money like a responsible adult, relieving the stress associated with finances through the accomplishment of coloring in your successes. Furthermore, it keeps you focused on your goals, turning your financial dreams into reality. And best of all, you get to have fun throughout the entire process!

This book is a dream come true for visual learners, individuals who find joy in filling in spaces, or those who simply enjoy coloring. Heidi has exceeded expectations with a vast array of charts, ranging from debt repayment to Christmas savings, travel funds, emergency funds, and more. This comprehensive collection will last you for years, with styles to suit everyone’s preferences. The book itself boasts high quality, and the savings challenges presented are both exciting and effective. I can confidently say that the charts and games in this book keep me motivated and on a steady course towards becoming debt-free and taking complete control of my finances.

The charts in the book are very helpful and they have truly transformed my life for the better. I used to struggle with a yo-yo system of debt and saving, but since discovering these charts, I have found stability. The idea of physically coloring in my achievements resonates with me, and now that I have purchased the book, it keeps me on track and introduces new ways to save and budget effectively. For the first time this year, I am confident that I will have a debt-free Christmas. With the help of these charts, my credit score has skyrocketed from 200+ to an impressive 950+. If you feel you need guidance and don’t know where to start, this book is an excellent start.


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