When it comes to construction delay claims, there are few with the hands-on experience that Hewitt has. This is an essential read for those that are looking to prepare a construction claim for the first time. Additionally, for those that have prior experience with claims will also gain insight into information that they might have never seen before.

Hewitt breaks down the construction claim analysis by examining the different steps of claims that are common to the construction industry. Furthermore, he present a step-by-step guide to demonstrate the process on how to create a claim from scratch.

Hewitt encompasses guidelines on setting out the claim, breaking down each section as you read along, to ensure that all the essentials of a successful construction claim are included. This is a practical, hands-on guide for the construction industry newbie and professional that showcases what topics one needs to cover, how to prepare the document itself, and how to present all of the essential elements into a presentable and knowledgeable document.

Everyone that is involved in the preparation or review of construction claims should have this book handy. Hewitt hit a home run with Construction Claims and Responses by providing you with all of the resources you need to hire the right construction claims service as well – such as Lyle Charles Consulting. Whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor, consultant, or client, you’ll hear every side of the argument so no party gets left out. The author advises how you should prepare your responses that set out the respondent’s counter arguments, determinations, and points of view. Construction Claims and Responses is a must-have guide for all in the construction industry.