I recently picked up the book “Performance Marketing for Professionals” by John Rampton Murray Newlands while researching ways to better promote my business. I found this step-by-step approach easy to digest, and I was able to apply many of the concepts right away. I have never read a book so complete and compact on the subject of digital marketing.

This comprehensive guide covered everything about digital marketing from affiliate marketing, to media buying, to creating great email marketing campaigns. At my company, we were solely using email marketing campaigns, but with this book, I quickly realized how many other resources were available to me. Media buying was something I had briefly heard about before reading “Performance Marketing for Professionals”, but I didn’t understand how crucial it was to reaching my target market. This book not only covered what Media Buying is, it gave me some ideas on how to start utilizing it.

When I purchased the book, it was only ninety-nine cents online, and I was able to read it on my Kindle in my spare time. I figured why not try it out because it costs so little. All I personally needed was a brief introduction to digital marketing. It was a low risk way to begin my exploration in improving my knowledge of the digital world.

Essentially, “Performance Marketing for Professionals” covered every area of digital marketing comprehensively, but written in such a way that it was free of jargon. It is written for serious business owners looking to increase their visibility, but who also may not be as savvy in the digital marketing field quite yet.