I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (And Misunderstood) Pets – Ken Foster

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Ken Foster’s I’m a Good Dog sings praise to one of the most stereotyped breeds in the world – pit bulls. Whether it be blue pit bull puppies or any other type of pit, Foster shatters the stigma that pit bulls aren’t what they’re made out to be.

If you’re new to the breed, or a current fan of pit bulls, this book is definitely for you. I’m a Good Dog helps restore the pit bulls’ image to its rightful place as both a friend and loving companion. Throughout the book, Foster walks the reader through all the negative stereotypes that push pet-seeking homeowners to walk past the “XXL pitbull puppies for sale” signs and pursue a more “accepted” breed.

This isn’t a puff up piece that sheds only a positive light on pit bulls. Rather, it’s very even-handed and discusses all of the things that these breeds have endured throughout the years – it isn’t biased in any way. Contrary to public opinion, pit bulls are just regular dogs that were subjected to cruel and brutal treatment. Blame the pitbull breeder training the dog, not the victim. The environment that pitbulls grow up in will involuntarily shape them into something that they’re not meant to be.

Foster has made it his mission to showcase the positive sides of pitbulls. Through his book, he does so in an honest and fearless fashion. Anyone that’s curious about the reality behind the oft-maligned breed should definitely read I’m a Good Dog. And anyone that’s a pitbull lover should definitely read this book.