What do you expect from a perfect life?

The book “Create Abundance” by Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛discusses how we often have misconceptions about what a perfect life looks like. Here are some excerpt from it.

Preparations for Spiritual Creation

What do you expect of a perfect life? What kind of life would you like to have? What kind of life would you choose if you could have anything at all?

The first step to achieve this is to communicate with the cosmos clearly; express yourself fully. Send the cosmos the images of the perfect scenario you visualize. Often, humans have a hard time expressing their needs, wants and desires. Perhaps you have a mate who is constantly upsetting or disappointing you. Have you told them clearly that this is happening and how you would like things to change?

Sometimes we go through life without having our dream job. We marry the wrong person and are afraid to admit the mistake and correct it. Things go wrong in our lives but we don’t address those errors and take steps to correct them. Instead, we learn to put up with it all. But in our hearts, we are not happy.

The Gap between Your Dream and Reality

When you clearly tell the cosmos whatever you wish to have, do you hear a murmuring voice in your heart? Indeed, there is a gap between the reality and the dream in your heart. Some things we cannot change. Maybe you believe you are too short, too tall. You don’t like your skin color. These are things we cannot control. But there are many things that we can change if we choose to.

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